Meet the Amber Resourcing Team

Team Member

Tom Ponting

Founder - MD

Javascript and Microsoft Specialist

Tom has been working in the technical IT recruitment market for over 14 years now. He founded Amber Resourcing in September 2019, named after one of his daughters but also with the meaning of "getting set for your next opportunity" or "proceed with caution" wider message. The other daughter is waiting patiently for his next business naming opportunity.

It's fair to say he’s had a bit of a love affair with the Javascript and Microsoft Development space, Tom has done it all from recruiting for whole teams for new start-ups to singular company placements. What really gets him buzzing is a challenging position/task, if you have anything that's giving you a headache get in touch #ChallengeTom.

Tom has previously independently built and led multimillion pound turnover, high preforming recruitment teams. He has also experienced his own recruitment challenges, so it’s safe to say he can see the situation from both sides as a manager and a consultant.

One of Tom’s best qualities is that he’s easy to get on with and very approachable. If you're a manager or a candidate wanting to talk about tech or market conditions he would love to hear from you.

Team Member

Christian Lewis

Co-Founder - Director

Software Engineer Specialist; Java & Python

Christian has a wealth of experience working within the Java & Python space and has forged some incredibly impressive relationships on the back of providing an honest, efficient and expert service. Being meticulous by nature, detail is everything for Christian. Combining strong technical knowledge, knowing his clients inside out and a clear understanding of his candidates motivations, Christian ensures results for both his clients and candidates alike.

He has a proven track record of filling hard to fill roles within the Software Development industry and finding top quality candidates their dream roles.

Although mainly placing Senior Developers & CTO’s within the Java space, Christian does have experience building entire Development teams from Graduate level all the way through to CTO/Development Manager..

Team Member

George Bone

Co-Founder - Associate Director

Data & Analytics

George comes from a different background to most in recruitment having kick-started his own venture at 18 and left the business successfully at 21.

Since joining recruitment George has demonstrated his love for people, wanting to meet applicants and clients every step of the journey.

The parts of George you don’t get to see are the hours he puts in for someone.  If that be an applicant or manager, he’ll be first in the office and  last to go home, making sure he takes pride in the service he provides.

Encompass this with his knowledge of Data & Analytics through years of experience, he’s now become a respected Consultant within the field and a trusted partner to clients.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of speaking or meeting with George then get in touch about meeting for a coffee.  He’d be very interested in discussing tech, recruitment or business in general.

Look out for him at the next meet up, he’s always open to having chat!

Team Member

Billy Wakeley

Co-Founder - Recruitment Consultant

Devops Specialist, Cloud and automation.

With over 10 years of sales experience Billy brings a strong analytical repport building approach to his all of his clients, which helps him understand their business at a more personal level.

Billy specialises in infrastructure with a strong knowledge of Dev-Ops in particular, Working both perm and contract allows Billy to spot trends in the market and adapt alongside these.

Placing roles that have ranged from IT Directors to 2st line support means Billy has a great insight into what is candidates and clients require..

Team Member

Huw Haley

Co Founder - Senior Consultant

After finishing university, Huw spent some time travelling the world hell bent on seeing as many places and meeting as many people as possible. After visiting over 50 countries, he decided he wanted to put his drive and motivation into something he could be passionate about.

Huw's move into recruitment was a great decision, with his success in the industry being shown by the placement of many Software Developers into roles they really ove! Having spent some time working within the VR world, Huw prides himself on his technical understanding as well as his ability to ensure he is matching companies and candidates perfectly.

During his career in recruitment, Huw rose to the top very quickly within the company to be one of the top billers within the team. The level of service he provides to his clients is unparalleled as he operates in an professional, efficient and dedicated way.

If you want to talk about Java, recruitment or your favourite travel destination then get in touch with Huw!.

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Candidate & Client Feedback

  • "I've used Amber Resourcing recently for a business critical project, I had to find multiple permanent staff as well a contractor, the speed and efficiency was brilliant the most impressive thing was the honest feedback I received about the process"
  • "I felt comfortable at all times and was always provided with meticulous information on companies and the interview process. I honestly believe I may not have landed my dream job without their help"
  • "I had mixed experiences with recruiters in my career, some good some not so good. Hats off to Amber Resourcing the level of service I received was second to none. I think the real difference was that I was speaking and dealing with someone that had years of experience within the industry."