Amber Goes

and Responsibility

At Amber Resourcing we're committed to go fully green, our Amber Goes Green initiative is being driven by a dedicated project lead within the business. This involves a range of initiatives, from 'Meat-free' Mondays, to Ecosia web searches, from lunch club selection and waste management to plant life and people power across the business.

Our Journey .

  • Supplier Review

    Intensive production methods require an enormous amount of water and energy use. Paying a little more to go with an eco-conscious supplier makes us proud to walk in Amber clobber

  • Meat-Free Mondays

    A small prize at the end of the month for the most veggie consultant.The cumulative effects amount to months of meat free eating and a resulting restorative impact on the wider environment.

  • Ecosia Searches

    Switcing our searching to the eco-friendly alternative, every search leads to trees planted, creating the lungs and CO2 management for the wider planet

  • 'People & Facilities'

    We're conducting a full review of our business practices and building in some heavy hitting restrictions to ensure effective waste management and minimise our carbon footprint.

Promoted by
 our people

"There are two key elements to the Amber Goes Green initiative: action and education. We're empowering the team to continuously reduce the environmental impact they have from the web browser we use, lunch club food choices, participating in community projects, and more. No part of Amber Goes Green is mandatory, reward-driven, or restricted to 9 - 5. We're further facilitating a mindset that the team already have towards living sustainably that extends outside of the workplace."
Elen Tapp 'Amber Goes Green' Project Lead

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